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    Pcs Exam Paper In Pdf Punjab

    GENERAL STUDIES. Question Paper: Punjab PCS GS1 Question Paper ( Set- D).pdf. Answer Key: Punjab PCS GS Answer domarepthestten.ga Punjab PCS Mains Question Papers General Studies Paper I GS I General Studies Paper II GS II General Studies Paper III GS III General. PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) Exam was held on 20th May Most of Click Here to Download PPSC Question Paper PDF.

    This job lies under the category of Punjab state government jobs. The job post, as the name suggests, is in Punjab. To apply for the post, candidates need to pass written test and an interview. There will be questions in total and the test in total is of marks The total time duration of the exam is 2 Hrs. Candidates will be shortlisted to appear for an interview based on their performance in the Written test. The interview will be of 40 marks. This tells us that any candidate who is thinking of applying for this job must be prepared well enough to ace in this test. All the examination exam syllabus and pattern details are provided in details here so that the candidate can get whole information at one place.

    Differentiation, cellular senescence. Genetics, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Concept of gene and allelomorph. Linkage, crossing over and gene mapping. Structural and numerical changes in chromosomes and gene mutations. Sex determination and differentiation.

    Structure and synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins. Genetic code. Regulation of gene expression. Genetic engineering and crop improvement. Protoplast, cell, tissue and organ cultures. Somatic hybridization. Biofertilizers and biopesticides. Biotechnology in agri- horticulture, medicine and industry.

    Tissue Systems. Plant Diversity and Systematics. Principles of nomenclature, classification and identification of plants. Modern approaches in plant taxonomy.

    Recent classification of living organisms into three groups bacteria, archaea and eukarya. Plant Physiology. Mineral nutrition. Nitrogen metabolism. Enzymes and coenzymes.

    Dynamics of growth, growth movements, growth substances, photomorphogenesis. Secondary metabolites. Isotopes in biological studies.


    Physiology of flowering. Methods of Reproduction and Seed Biology. Pollination and fertilization. Sexual incompatibility. Development, structure, dormancy and germination of seed. Plant Pathology.

    Punjab PSC Previous Year Question Papers and answer key

    Factors affecting infection host factors, pathogen factors, biotic factors like rhizosphere and phyllosphere organisms. Chemical, biological and genetic methods of disease control including transgenic plants.

    Plant and Environment. Ecological adaptation. Types of vegetational zones and forests of India. Deforestation, afforestation, social forestry and plant introduction.

    Soil erosion, wasteland, reclamation. Environmental pollution and its control including phytoremediation , Bioindicators, Global warming.

    Page 4 of 9. Biodiversity, Plant Genetic Resources.

    Strategy to crack the Punjab Civil Service (PCS) Examination

    Endangered, threatened and endemic taxa. Plants as sources of food, fodder, forage, fibres, oils, drugs, wood and timber, paper, rubber, beverages, spices, essential oils and resins, gums, dyes, insecticides, pesticides and ornamentation. Biomass as a source of energy. Origin of Life and Evolution. Theories of organic evolution, molecular basis of evolution.

    Periodic trends of atomic radii, ionic radii, ionisation potential, electron affinity and electronegativity in the periodic table. Shapes of molecules, bond order, bond length, V. The concept of hybridization and shapes of molecules and ions. Balancing of equations for oxidation and reduction reactions. Hard and soft acids and bases. HSAB principle, relative strengths of acids and bases and the effect of substituents and solvents on their strength.

    Special emphasis on solutions of alkali and alkaline earth metals in liquid ammonia. Undergraduate Courses. Higher Secondry Courses. Defense Exams. Language Series. Others Popular Exams.

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